What did you think of the Elder Scrolls

15 Mar

What did you think of the Elder Scrolls Online #trailer ?? [ #Skyrim #mmrpg ] Did you sign up for the beta? http://ow.ly/iIB7i


What’s your favorite girl scout cookie?

13 Mar

What’s your favorite girl scout cookie? http://ow.ly/iIAqB

Tinkerbox on the iPad

11 Nov

Hi – this is Jay from PJgamers!

Today I’m playing Tinkerbox on the iPad.

How to play:

You have to get the balls in the tubes and buckets with tools.  I like the physics.  The trampoline – the ball bounces on it and then bounces back off the other way. It has ramps and buttons. You slide everything around with your fingers.  My favorite part is when the balls shoot out.

stuff I like:

  • the graphics are cool
  • the sound effects
  • plus it has a section where you can make your own inventions
  • you can watch other people’s inventions – like the dancing man and the car!
what I wish was different:
  • Each level gets harder. They should have more than one puzzle *before* it gets harder.
It’s one of my favorite games.  It was FREE when I got it.  You can get it for the iPad here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tinkerbox-hd/id415722219?mt=8

Jay from PJ Gamers

30 Oct

Hi – this is Jay!

My favorite game is Warcraft.  no wait – Frozen throne!!  or maybe Reign of Chaos.  Those are the best!

I’ve been watching games since I was a baby crawling under Dad’s chair while he played Everquest.

I’d play in my PJs all day long if I could!

I’m excited to tell you all about my favorite games….and the worst games ever so you can avoid them.